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The Dutch King, Alibaba’s Jack Ma & DigiDutch!

The Dutch King, Mr. Jack Ma from Alibaba and DigiDutch were part of the Holland E-Day at Alibaba Headquarter. This place was the final destination of the Dutch state visit to China. A delegation of Dutch companies and government officials visited Hangzhou, the e-commerce capital of China. After an amazing morning program, DigiDutch was proud leading a panel discussion […]

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Starting with Brand eCommerce


The execution of eCommerce in China is in many cases not a “single channel” strategy. Of course, eCommerce platforms like Alibaba, JingDong, YiHaoDian, are on “top-of-mind”, but an eCommerce road map in China embraces more – a strategy in how to create scale and achieve Return on Investment on marketing budgets – .

The Chinese […]

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