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Webshops can do so much more with their customer knowledge

Webshops have many advantages over physical stores. Besides 24/7 opening hours, no location limits and people still shopping on rainy days, they also have knowledge about the customers. That is a huge advantage, but still many e-commerce companies don’t make use of this opportunity.

Customers leave a large digital trail. They find their way to your […]

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Successful companies in China

The first two weeks of November has been crazy. People around the world were talking about China & Online Shopping: 11-11. E-commerce. Singles Day. E-commerce giant Alibaba. E-sales. The biggest online shopping day. Alibaba’s % of fakes during double 11. Worldwide e-commerce leader. Tmall vs.
China broke a new record for e-commerce sales in one […]

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What’s next in Chinese online market?

Holland E-Day is starting in Alibaba’s Headquarter in Hangzhou, China. Everyone is standing up and clapping their hands, His Majesty Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands and Mr. Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba have arrived.

Alibaba was founded 16 years ago by 18 people who believed in small businesses, based on the idea of creating a place […]

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