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E-commerce in China unstoppable?

The Chinese economy regularly makes headlines overseas. While in previous years it was all about growth and opportunity, recently all the international news outlets can talk about is struggling stock exchanges, a volatile currency and growth rates slowing down.

The negative trends in the market are without a doubt very significant and have implications on business […]

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Happy year of the Monkey, the year of rural e-commerce!

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, Spring Festival or Chunyun in Chinese, is the most celebrated festival in China and brings Chinese people and e-commerce back to their hometowns. During the festival factories, schools and offices shut down for a full week and most Chinese people make the journey back to their […]

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The legal jungle in e-commerce in China

As China relaxes restrictions on e-commerce, international companies have begun to clamor to enter the market. To be successful in this sector, you should have working knowledge of the crossroads of legal and e-commerce in China.

First, you should consider your choice of entity and how you plan to conduct business in China. Do you plan to […]

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Webshops can do so much more with their customer knowledge

Webshops have many advantages over physical stores. Besides 24/7 opening hours, no location limits and people still shopping on rainy days, they also have knowledge about the customers. That is a huge advantage, but still many e-commerce companies don’t make use of this opportunity.

Customers leave a large digital trail. They find their way to your […]

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How to run a successful WeChat e-commerce?

Written by Walk The Chat

Do people buy on WeChat? What do they buy? How to run a successful WeChat e-commerce?

We looked at a few successful WeChat e-commerce stores to answer this question.
1. Kidsbookmama (童书妈妈市集)
Wechat account: tongshuchubanmama

Product: Children’s book, toy & related product

Platform: Koudai

Monthly Revenue: RMB 500,000

Success Factors:

Credible account owner
High quality content – Engaged community
“Scarcity” by […]

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Article of the month June 2015: “Top 5 Business-to-Consumer e-commerce platforms in China”

Logistics workers at a warehouse which supplies products to Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms. 


One of the things that struck me most when I relocated from Hong Kong to Beijing two years ago was that almost everyone shopped online. I remember the disbelief and contempt on a friend’s face when, not long after my arrival, I said I […]

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