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Internet privacy in China: what, why and how?

Just like in any other country in the world, internet in China has made everyone ‘privacy-less’. However, there are some differences here: in most parts of the world, people are blaming Google and Facebook for exposing and sneakily accumulating personal information; in China, where almost all the world-wide social media are blocked, this is not […]

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Advantages of using Free Trade Zones in China

Last week, Simon de Raadt and Bjorn van der Veen from DigiDutch did in collaboration with EU SME Centre a webinar about ”Using Free Trade Zones (FTZs) to sell online in China”.

Selling online in China is a great opportunity to get a foothold in the Chinese e-commerce market. Over the past years a number of […]

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WeChat vs. WhatsApp: Who does What, and Where? [Infographic]

When was the last time that you used SMS? Personally I cannot remember, because instant messaging apps have taken over for the last few years. Those apps definitely change the way people connect through mobile phones.

Among all the instant messaging apps, WeChat and WhatsApp are two giants who meet the needs of different market: China-born […]

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Successful companies in China

The first two weeks of November has been crazy. People around the world were talking about China & Online Shopping: 11-11. E-commerce. Singles Day. E-commerce giant Alibaba. E-sales. The biggest online shopping day. Alibaba’s % of fakes during double 11. Worldwide e-commerce leader. Tmall vs. JD.com.
China broke a new record for e-commerce sales in one […]

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What’s next in Chinese online market?

Holland E-Day is starting in Alibaba’s Headquarter in Hangzhou, China. Everyone is standing up and clapping their hands, His Majesty Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands and Mr. Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba have arrived.

Alibaba was founded 16 years ago by 18 people who believed in small businesses, based on the idea of creating a place […]

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Starting with Brand eCommerce


The execution of eCommerce in China is in many cases not a “single channel” strategy. Of course, eCommerce platforms like Alibaba, JingDong, YiHaoDian, Amazon.cn are on “top-of-mind”, but an eCommerce road map in China embraces more – a strategy in how to create scale and achieve Return on Investment on marketing budgets – .

The Chinese […]

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What are the developments of cross-border e-commerce logistics in China

In the last newsletter of DigiDutch you were provided with a practical guide on selling online.

This time we will give you a glimpse on cross-border logistics in China, especially on bonded warehousing. Ever since the launch of DigiDutch last March by Prime Minister Rutte the warehousing landscape has been continuously changing.

Overview of the 7 cities […]

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Online Selling in China in 3 Easy Steps

China is a country full of opportunity and promise, especially when it comes to e-commerce.
Unfortunately it is also a country which remains hard to crack for foreign merchants. We have all heard of Alibaba’s Tmall and sometimes even of similar platforms like JD.com and Yihaodian. While those platforms offer a lot of convenience, from a […]

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DigiDutch launched by the Dutch Prime Minister during the trade mission in Shanghai

Prime Minister Mark Rutte launched the newly formed e-commerce platform DigiDutch on March 25th  2015 during the trade dinner with the Dutch Trade delegation in Shanghai. Within the DigiDutch platform eight Dutch companies located in China collaborate to provide western companies a one-stop solution to enter the online Chinese market.


The Chinese market is highly attractive […]

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