Last week, Simon de Raadt and Bjorn van der Veen from DigiDutch did in collaboration with EU SME Centre a webinar about ”Using Free Trade Zones (FTZs) to sell online in China”.

Selling online in China is a great opportunity to get a foothold in the Chinese e-commerce market. Over the past years a number of pilot FTZs have opened up to facilitate the need for Chinese to buy reliable foreign products. Shanghai FTZ in 2013 and 3 other FTZs authorised in 2015 are the places where China is experimenting its reforms. Cross-border e-commerce operations through the FTZs have boosted the access of Chinese consumers to EU products across almost all categories.

Are you interested to sell online in China? Don’t know all the advantages yet? Listen to this useful webinar and discover the huge opportunity of using Free Trade Zones in China. Optimise your logistics and operations to benefit from the changing rules. It will also discuss relatively new Cross-border E-Commerce Pilot Zones and provide insights into the exciting sales channels opening up for your products.

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