The first two weeks of November has been crazy. People around the world were talking about China & Online Shopping: 11-11. E-commerce. Singles Day. E-commerce giant Alibaba. E-sales. The biggest online shopping day. Alibaba’s % of fakes during double 11. Worldwide e-commerce leader. Tmall vs.

China broke a new record for e-commerce sales in one day this month. DigiDutch is not breaking world records yet, but we are also growing! This month a new member, The George, has joined our team. The George is an International marketing & advertising agency, founded by ex-Google employees, award-winning creative designers and experienced developers that provides performance marketing solutions to companies worldwide.

The George


They focus on providing clients with the right tools, the right creative ideas and the right strategies to maximize their return on investment. They are committed to great user experiences, online and offline. They exist to help brands achieve their business goals, across every form of marketing communication.

Some of their clients are Levi’s, Microsoft, TNT, Vodafone, Wall Street English, Uni Credit and Skins.

Welcome on board!

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Written by Cathelijne Klapwijk – DigiDutch

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